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Mirror, mirror. How amazing is my figure??

Your visitors they fall apart before my pictures..

Aww Sugar.
29 June

♥ My name is Meghan.
♥ I have red hair.
♥ Im dying it sometime during the summer.
♥ I have 5 peircings.
♥ Including a nose RING.. not a stud.
♥ Im getting a Monroe next year.
♥ If I dont change my mind by then.
♥ I dont have any tattoos.. yet.
♥ Im single and I like it.
♥ At the moment, I dont want to have anything to do with guys.
♥ Meaning hooking up and dating.
♥ Anyways, Im a sophmore.
♥ I love all my friends.
♥ They make my life not suck.. most of the time, haha.
♥ Just kiddin guys.
♥ Music also completes me.
♥ My currently favorite band is From First To Last
♥ I like all types of music.. but the stuff I love is on that list over there.
♥ My current favorite color is yellow.
♥ But I will always love pink.
♥ I have a baby nephew Connor.
♥ He likes to smile. : )
♥ I love shopping
♥ Only when I have money, haha.
♥ I dont label myself..
♥ I wear all different things.. I cant stick to a specific style.
♥ I change my mind alot.
♥ I like pearls.
♥ I think Jake Gyllenhaal is gorgeous.
♥ My favorite movie is Donnie Darko.
♥ and its not because hes in the movie.. I like weird movies.
♥ I hate blood and very gorey movies.
♥ If its too extreme, I'll puke.
♥ I love the beach.
♥ and that I live like 20 minutes away from it.
♥ I used to live in Ireland for a little while when I was 4.
♥ I've been to Ireland, Italy and Malta in 1 week.
♥ I love looking at my nails when there painted, haha.
♥ I watch FUSE alot.
♥ Im starting to get the hang of fake tanner.
♥ My favorite time of year is the beggining of Spring.
♥ But I love the Summer.
♥ I hate the cold.
♥ When Im older, I want to be a make-up artist.
♥ It would be awesome if I started a band.
♥ I used to play bass but I gave it up awhile ago.
♥ I really want to start playing again.
♥ On Fridays, I usually go to the mall with Cynthia.
♥ I love Van Slip-ons.
♥ I feel naked without my rings, bracelets and neaklaces.
♥ My flat iron is my best friend.
♥ I prefer night over day.
♥ I love Taco Bell.
♥ It pisses me off when people hate you when they dont know you.
♥ I think I have the coolest color eyes.. blue with yellow.
♥ Im pretty random.
♥ I like asking and telling random things to people.
♥ I like to sleep.
♥ People say Im a bitch.. I just had a bad day.
♥ Well I think I said enough here.


Senses Fail Is Love.